Best bathroom taps 2023: Ten cheap bathroom taps under £50

Swapping out a dated bathroom tap for a shiny new replacement can work wonders in a room that needs a makeover. To help you improve your home without having to spend hundreds of pounds, we’ve put together this guide on the best bathroom taps under £50.

We’ve done the research so you don’t have to, putting together a list of cheap bathroom taps oozing with style. Our guide also answers some of your key bathroom tap questions and offers tips on how to install a new bathroom tap, even if you’re a self-confessed DIY newbie.

Our buyer’s guide runs through some of the most popular affordable bathroom taps available to buy today. We’ve picked out top options from established home brands including Bristan, Grohe and Hapilife. Keep scrolling if you want to make some cheap but impactful changes to your bathroom.

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Bathroom tap buyer’s guide: types of tap compared

Single lever mixers

A single lever mixer is one of the most common forms of bathroom tap. As the name suggests, these consist of a single tap that features a handle on either side for controlling water temperature. Some models have a single lever that lifts and rotates left or right depending on what heat you’re after. More often than not, the spout on a single lever mixer is fixed in place and can’t rotate.

Dual handle mixers

This is where the hot water has its own tap and the cold water has its own tap. In the middle of those taps is a single spout. To get your desired temperature, you have to adjust both the hot and cold taps together until you’re happy. The water is mixed together before it fires out of the spout into your bathroom sink.

If you’re planning a full bathroom makeover, have a read of our handy guide to the best kitchen taps, the best low pressure shower heads and the best bathroom extractor fans.

Where can you buy bathroom taps?

Some of the most popular online stores that sell bathroom taps include Amazon, eBay, Homebase, Robert Dyas and The Range. You can also try Screwfix, Victorian Plumbing, Wayfair and Wickes.

Before you part with your money, make sure you research the seller you’re buying from. Check their customer reviews and also see how their Trustpilot score is looking – that will give you a good indication of how well the company looks after its customers.

The best bathroom taps for 2023

Hapilife Basin Tap (£28.99)

  • A classy, single lever bathroom tap
  • The brand’s MirrorLook technology makes this tap easy to clean
  • Waterfall flow design
Hapilife Basin Tap

This sophisticated-looking bathroom tap could be yours for less than £30 at the time of writing. It’s made by a popular budget bathroom brand called Hapilife and is built from brass, ceramic and copper. The Hapilife Basin Tap has a polished finish to it that we think will have it fit nicely in a modern bathroom. It’s comprised of a single lever and flaunts a minimalistic design.

Hapilife says the MirrorLook technology used to build the tap makes it bright and easy to clean. There’s a ceramic cartridge tucked inside the tap. For this tap to work in your current bathroom setup, you water system will need to produce at least 0.5 bar water pressure – the brand recommends an increased one bar of pressure for ‘optimal performance.’ In the package, you get the tap itself (obviously), an instruction manual, two fitting hoses and the necessary fitting kits.

Click here to buy the Hapilife Basin Tap, or shop deals on eBay.

Home Standard Dallas Bathroom Tap (£22.92)

  • Simple single lever operation
  • Made from ‘highly durable brass’
  • One of the most popular sub-£20 taps on Amazon UK
Home Standard Dallas Bathroom Tap

If you consider yourself a fan of minimalist home design, this affordable bathroom tap might catch your eye. It’s made by a budget-friendly brand called Home Standard and arrives rocking a contemporary look to suit any style of bathroom. The Home Standard Dallas Bathroom Tap is built from a ‘highly durable brass’ and requires a minimum water pressure of 0.2 bar.

Add this bathroom tap to your shortlist if you’re looking for a subtle, single lever model to spruce up your bathroom. It’s one of the most popular bathroom taps under £20 on Amazon that we’ve seen.

Click here to buy the Home Standard Dallas Bathroom Tap, or shop deals on eBay.

Hapilife Single Lever Tap (£19.99)

  • Features a ceramic cartridge
  • Polished chrome finish
  • Bundled with UK standard fitting hose
Hapilife Single Lever Tap

Another bathroom tap from Hapilife that we think deserves a spot on our list. Again, this model is super popular over on Amazon, which is a sure sign that you’re getting a sound product on a small budget. The Hapilife Single Lever Tap, as the name will tell you, consists of a single lever. It has a polished chrome finish for a mirror-like look and comes bundled with a UK standard fitting hose.

This budget-priced bathroom tap features a ceramic cartridge. The Amazon seller is also chucking in ’10 years warranty’ to sweeten the deal.

Click here to buy the Hapilife Single Lever Tap, or shop deals on eBay.

Funime Bathroom Basin Tap (£29.99)

  • Multi-layer chrome plating
  • Made of sturdy brass
  • Free delivery and 30-day return policy
Funime Bathroom Basin Tap

The design of this bathroom tap is inspired by Zambia’s Victoria Falls, which explains why the water flows out in a wider spray compared to a ‘normal’ bathroom tap. This bathroom tap is rocking Funime’s MirrorLook technology, which keeps it looking nice and sparkly all year round.

Out of the box, you get the Funime Bathroom Basin Tap, a pair of UK standard hoses, an instruction kit and all the fitting accessories you’ll need to transform your bathroom. All the stuff you need to install the tap is included with your purchase, so you don’t need to worry about grabbing a toolkit out of the garage.

Click here to buy the Funime Bathroom Basin Tap, or shop deals on eBay.

Hapilife DT08B Basin Tap (£30.99)

  • Easy to install
  • Chrome plated bathroom tap
  • Waterfall-style design
Hapilife DT08B Basin Tap

We love the look of this bathroom tap from Hapilife. It has a wide spout that replicates the flow of a waterfall and has subtle ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ labels on the top of the handle. The Hapilife DT08B Basin Tap has multiple layers of chrome plating and a single handle design with ‘drip-free performance’ and ‘smooth water adjustment.’

This modern bathroom tap comes with a detailed instruction manual that guides you through the installation process step by step. The Amazon seller is highlighting its 30-day returns policy which means you can claim a refund if you’re unsatisfied with the product.

Click here to buy the Hapilife DT08B Basin Tap, or shop deals on eBay.

Suguword Store Tap (£27.79)

  • Quick to install
  • Modern design
  • Polished chrome finish
Suguword Store Tap

A waterfall-style bathroom tap that’s sold by Suguword Store on Amazon UK. The customer reviews for this bathroom tap are looking good, which is great considering the price. The Suguword Store Tap comes with UK standard fittings and 1/2″ water hoses that fit most bathroom basins. The tap lever is used to control both flow power and temperature.

This bathroom tap screams modern. It has an eye-pleasing polished finish and a square spout where the water runs off into your sink. Suguword Store is advertising a 30-day returns policy.

Click here to buy the Suguword Store Tap, or shop deals on eBay.

JASS Ferry Traditional Victorian Taps (£22.99)

  • Hot and cold taps
  • Made from ‘high quality’ brass internals
  • 30-day returns policy
JASS Ferry Traditional Victorian Taps

A pair of affordable, traditional taps made from high-grade brass internals. These taps use brass valve technology to keep the spout watertight when not in use. A minimum water pressure of 0.5 bar is recommended for this bathroom tap, so keep that in mind before you place your order.

Click here to buy the JASS Ferry Traditional Victorian Taps, or shop deals on eBay.

XIFIRY Waterfall Tap (£35.89)

  • Unique wide water spout
  • Made from highly durable brass
  • Beautiful chrome finish
XIFIRY Waterfall Tap

One of the most unique-looking bathroom taps on our list. If you’re shopping for a bathroom tap that’s going to turn a couple of heads, add this one to your shortlist. The XIFIRY Waterfall Tap has a super narrow and wide spout that replicates the flow of water gushing from a waterfall. The basin tap provides both hot and cold water – you rotate the head to pick between them.

Click here to buy the XIFIRY Waterfall Tap, or shop deals on eBay.