Best blue toasters 2023: top 2-slice and 4-slice models

The best toasters for your stylish kitchen will provide an even crisp to your bread, plus they have lots of cooking settings and are made from durable materials. In our quick guide, we’ve picked out some of the best blue toasters suitable for a range of budgets.

Below, we’ve waded through new models and picked out popular blue toasters available to buy on Amazon in October 2023. Our team has spotted high-scoring toasters from known kitchen brands including Daewoo, Swan and Russell Hobbs.

At a glance: our top blue toasters

If you don’t have the time to read our full article, see 5 great blue toasters below:

Product nameWhy do we like it?
Daewoo Argyle Collection toasterA brilliantly affordable, two-slice toaster that prepares smaller items such as pancakes and breakfast muffins.
Swan 2 Slice Retro ToasterAvailable in a gorgeous light blue finish, this toaster flaunts a retro design.
Russell Hobbs 25141 Midnight Blue toasterA four-slice toaster that has cancel, reheat and defrost functions that are a breeze to use.
Swan Nordic 4 Slice ToasterSwan’s budget-priced blue toaster has a range of browning settings and has a brushed stainless-steel body.
Tower T20036MNB Cavaletto 2-Slice ToasterThis budget-priced blue toaster is easy to clean and has six different browning settings to choose from.
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Best blue toasters 2023

Daewoo Argyle Collection toaster

Daewoo Argyle Collection toaster
– Affordable blue toaster
– Suitable for toast, pancakes and breakfast muffins
– Easy to clean

This blue toaster cooks smaller baked goods evenly and features a high-lift lever for easy and safe removal. There’s also an LED light indicator when toasting, plus an anti-jam function for added safety . The Daewoo toaster is easy to clean with a removable crumb tray and has cord storage for a neat countertop.

It offers multiple controls for toasting frozen or fresh bread, including cancel, defrost and reheat options, with 7 browning settings. Its stylish design, with a textured zigzag pattern, adds an eye-catching element to your kitchen.

Swan 2 Slice Retro Toaster

Swan 2 Slice Retro Toaster
– Has a dedicated reheat function
– A total of 6 browning options
– Two-slice capacity

Swan’s two-slice retro toaster offers a powerful 1,600W output with functions for toasting bagels, crumpets and defrosting loaves. It has 6 electronic browning settings for multi-tasking and avoiding burnt toast, along with an automatic shut off function and cool-touch walls.

The toaster can handle two slices at once and has slots suitable for various bread sizes. Its stylish design with vintage chrome accents and black casing adds a retro touch to any kitchen.

Russell Hobbs 25141 Midnight Blue toaster

Russell Hobbs 25141 Midnight Blue toaster
– Four-slice toaster with independent browning
– Lift and look function
– Cancel, reheat and defrost options

The Russell Hobbs 25141 toaster has a four-slice capacity with separate browning controls for each section, allowing customized toasting preferences simultaneously. Meanwhile, the lift and look feature lets you inspect your tasty toast without interrupting the cooking cycle. It also has cancel, reheat and defrost functions, a high lift feature for easy retrieval and a removable crumb tray.

Swan Nordic 4 Slice Toaster

Swan Nordic 4 Slice Toaster
– Nordic design fits beautifully in any space
– Defrost, reheat and cancel
– Four-slice capacity toaster

The toaster has a four-slice capacity, making it perfect for families and couples. It offers 6 browning levels and independent controls for personalized toasting.

We really like the Scandi-style design, which features a brushed stainless-steel body, matte blue sides and wood effect controls. This blue toaster includes defrost, reheat and cancel functions, plus a removable crumb tray that makes cleaning effortles.

Tower T20036MNB Cavaletto 2-Slice Toaster

Tower T20036MNB Cavaletto 2-Slice Toaster
– Integrated cord storage
– Stainless steel build
– Easy to clean

This sub-£40 Tower toaster lets you prepare your breakfast in a couple of minutes. Cleaning the appliance is a piece of cake thanks to a removable tray for crumbs. Plus, to make sure your space stays neat and tidy, you can use the built-in cord storage tray.

Tower T20061MNB Empire 4-Slice Toaster

Tower T20061MNB Empire 4-Slice Toaster
– Blue toaster with brass highlights
– Midnight blue colour scheme
– Removable crumb tray

Here’s another blue toaster from Tower that we think is worth a closer look. It offers 7 adjustable browning levels and lets you toast frozen bread or reheat snacks. We appreciate the high lift lever and the removable crumb trays, ensuring breakfast time is both quick and clean.

Breville Bold Blue 2-Slice Toaster

Breville Bold Blue 2-Slice Toaster
– Glossy texture for your kitchen
– Lift and look feature
– Available with a matching kettle

This Breville toaster has a ridged design, chrome accents and light-up controls. It has variable width bread slots, and the ‘lift and look’ function lets you check your bread mid-cycle. Defrost, reheat and cancel settings are on-board, along with a crumb tray. This blue toaster has a non-slip base, so it should remain stable on the kitchen counter.

How much should a good toaster cost?

Generally, you can find good-quality toasters at the following price ranges:

  • Entry-level or basic toasters: £15 to £50
  • Mid-range toasters with additional features: £50 to £100
  • High-end toasters with premium features and design: £100 to £200 or more

Are more expensive toasters worth it?

Price will be influenced by build quality, brand reputation, features and design. While some expensive toasters might offer superior performance and durability, it’s not always the case that a higher price guarantees the best value.

There are many affordable toasters on the market that perform exceptionally well. It’s important to read reviews, consider your specific requirements, and weigh the features against the price to determine if it’s a savvy investment.

How long should a toaster last?

On average, a toaster can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years – perhaps even longer if you do a good job of looking after it. Cheaper toasters might have a shorter lifespan compared to higher-end models, which are often built with more durable materials.

Do toasters use a lot of electricity?

Toasters are generally considered energy-efficient appliances. They use relatively small amounts of electricity, especially compared to larger appliances like ovens or stovetops. However, the exact energy consumption can vary depending on the toaster’s wattage and the duration of use.

Is it cheaper to use a toaster or oven?

Using a toaster is typically more energy-efficient than using an oven. Toaster ovens are smaller and designed to heat up quickly, so they consume less electricity than full-sized ovens. If you’re toasting small quantities of food, like a couple of slices of bread, using a toaster or toaster oven would generally be more cost-effective.

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