Best mini ovens 2023: top compact models for fast cooking

A mini oven, also known as a compact or countertop oven, is a small-sized kitchen appliance designed for cooking, baking, toasting and grilling. It offers a convenient and space-saving alternative to traditional full-size ovens. In our guide, we pick out some of the best mini ovens available today.

Below, you’ll learn about popular mini ovens and find tips on how to choose the right model for your kitchen. Our team has spotted high-scoring models from known brands including Belaco, Tefal and VonShef.

At a glance: our top mini ovens

If you don’t have the time to read our full article, see 5 great mini ovens below:

Product nameWhy do we like it?
Belaco BTO-109N Mini OvenA space-saving mini oven that’s among the most popular picks on Amazon.
HYSapientia Air Fryer OvenThis mini oven has a smart LED display and a classy, stainless steel exterior.
Tefal OF445840 Mini OvenEnjoy 8 different cooking modes on this mini oven from Tefal.
Geepas Mini Oven and GrillEquipped with a 60-minute timer function for your convenience.
VonShef Mini Oven and GrillA speedy 10 minute pre-heat time lets you start your cooking in no time.
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Best mini ovens 2023

Belaco BTO-109N Mini Oven

Belaco BTO-109N Mini Oven
– Popular, space-saving appliance
– Bell will sound when cooking is complete
– Bundled with a free cooking tray

This Belaco appliance is a compact and powerful mini oven, ideal for those with limited kitchen space in their homes, caravans, or offices. It offers adjustable temperatures from 100° to 230°C with a 60-minute timer and a bell alert when cooking is complete.

The oven features a 750W power rating with a heat-resistant tempered glass door and two stainless steel heating elements. Its elegant black powder-coated body prevents noticeable scratches, while the aluminium-plated chamber ensures easy cleaning. For your money, you also get a baking tray with a chrome wire rack.

HYSapientia Air Fryer Oven

HYSapientia Air Fryer Oven
– 24L capacity for larger meals
– Smart LED display included
– Adjustable, high-speed fan

This smart mini oven comes with a LED display and a stepless knob for convenient operation. With a spacious 24L capacity, it saves kitchen space while offering a stylish stainless steel exterior that’s easy to clean. The oven boasts independent temperature control and advanced furnace lights.

The HYSapientia oven includes 10 cooking modes such as baking, grilling and air frying. Plus, it comes with 8 accessories to help you in the kitchen.

Tefal OF445840 Mini Oven

Tefal OF445840 Mini Oven
– A total of 8 cooking modes to enjoy
– Compact 19L capacity for your kitchen
– Deals brilliantly with roast chicken

The Tefal mini oven offers delicious home-cooked meals with its compact size and versatile cooking options. With 8 cooking modes and a range of utensils bundled in, it fits on most countertops yet boasts a generous 19L capacity.

The oven includes Convection, Conventional, Grill, Bain Marie, Pastry, Defrost and two Rotisserie functions for various dishes. A timer can be set for up to two hours to remind you when meals are ready.

Geepas Mini Oven and Grill

Geepas Mini Oven and Grill
– Has an impressive 48L capacity
– Grill, Bake, Roast and Rotisserie functions
– Temperature controls and shut-off bell

Meet the 48L Mini Oven from Geepas. This compact and versatile oven makes cooking easy and is perfect for a standard dinner plate and ideal for caravans and student dorms. With 2000W power, it offers multiple cooking functions, including grilling, baking and roasting, plus a rotisserie function for delicious roasts.

The 60-minute timer adds convenience and the shut-off bell signals the end of cooking. Geepas’ oven features a four-stage selector for various cooking needs and adjustable temperature controls from 100°C to 230°C. It comes with a 2-year warranty and includes essential accessories for optimal cooking results.

VonShef Mini Oven and Grill

VonShef Mini Oven and Grill
– Speedy 10-minute pre-heat time
– Adjustable function dial
– Makes cooking easier than ever

VonShef’s mini oven is a versatile kitchen appliance perfect for feeding family and friends. Complete with an aluminium baking tray, wire rack and tray handle, this 25L countertop oven provides extra cooking space for large dinner parties or convenient solo dining.

With a quick 10-minute pre-heat time, it allows for grilling, baking and roasting right away. It’s easy to use with a 60-minute timer and temperature control between 100-230°C. Plus, the adjustable function dial means you can cook to perfection without a fuss.

Tower T14044 Mini Oven

Tower T14044 Mini Oven
– Dual hot plates for added versatility
– Large, 32L capacity for big meals
– Offers a wide range of temperatures

The 32L mini oven from Tower offers the functionality of a conventional oven, allowing you to roast, bake, grill, and toast various meals. It includes dual hotplates (600W and 1000W), meaning you can prepare soups, casseroles and fried foods.

The Tower T14044 features four front dials for easy control and an adjustable thermostat with temperatures ranging from 90 to 230°C. Elsewhere, a 90-minute timer with an end signal ensures accurate cooking. The appliances has four stainless steel heating elements and comes with several accessories including a baking tray, wire rack and tray handle.

Quest 35409 Compact Mini Oven

Quest 35409 Compact Mini Oven
– Space-saving oven that lets you cook at speed
– Adjustable temperature settings
– Plenty of accesories included

This space-saving 9L mini oven is designed to fit on a worktop, making it perfect for caravans, student houses or small kitchens. It operates at 650W power and features double heat-resistant tempered glass on its door.

With adjustable temperature settings from 100-230°C and a timer up to 60 minutes, you can cook your food to perfection. The Quest 35409 comes with various accessories including an aluminium baking tray, chrome wire rack for grilling and a detachable handle.

Is it worth getting a mini oven?

It depends on your specific needs and circumstances. Mini ovens are ideal for individuals or small households with limited kitchen space, or for those who want an additional cooking appliance for specific purposes. They offer versatility and can perform various cooking tasks, such as baking, toasting, and grilling.

If you have limited space or want an energy-efficient alternative to a full-size oven, a mini oven could be a valuable addition to your kitchen.

Do mini ovens use a lot of electricity?

Mini ovens generally use less electricity compared to full-size ovens because they have smaller capacities and consume less power to reach and maintain cooking temperatures. However, the actual energy usage can vary depending on the specific model and how often it is used.

What are the advantages of a mini oven?

  • Space-saving: Ideal for small kitchens or limited countertop space.
  • Energy-efficient: Consumes less electricity compared to full-size ovens.
  • Quick heating: Smaller cavity heats up faster, reducing preheating time.
  • Versatility: Can perform various cooking tasks, including baking, toasting, and grilling.
  • Easy to clean: Smaller interior and removable trays make cleaning more manageable.

Can you cook a roast in a mini oven?

Whether you can cook a roast in a mini oven depends on the size of the roast and the capacity of the oven. Some mini ovens may be large enough to accommodate a small roast, while others may not. If the roast fits comfortably in the mini oven without touching the walls, you can likely cook it in there.

Do mini ovens take longer to cook?

Mini ovens have quicker preheating times due to their smaller size. However, actual cooking times can vary. In some cases, mini ovens may take slightly longer to cook certain dishes compared to larger ovens, but it’s not significantly different.

Microwaves are better for heating and reheating food quickly, while mini ovens are more suitable for baking, toasting, grilling and other cooking tasks that require conventional oven-like results.

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