Best VPN deals for 2023: VERIFIED discounts (updated)

With a reliable VPN, you can unlock websites and streaming services usually reserved for specific countries – Hulu, HBO Max and Peacock, for example. But if you’re buying a VPN, how much should you spend and which features are important? On this page, our experts share the best VPN deals.

Here at GadgetMouse, our streaming experts have done the hard work for you – we’ve put popular VPNs to the test to see which ones come out on top. The best VPN deals represent great value and treat you with a VPN packed with features. Keep scrolling for more.

At a glance: the best VPN deals

If you’re in a rush and don’t have time to read our full article, take a look at these fantastic VPN deals. We’ve compared popular VPN providers to highlight top offers from ExpressVPN, Ivacy, NordVPN, Atlas VPN and PureVPN.

Many of these VPN providers offer a 30-day, money-back guarantee. In other words, you can claim for a full refund if you find that the service isn’t quite right for you.

ExpressVPN deals (updated)

ExpressVPN deals

If you’re looking to stream TV shows and films from anywhere in the world, our team suggests you create a membership with ExpressVPN. This is one of the most popular VPNs money can buy, and for good reason – it’s super quick, easy to set up (even if you’re new to VPNs) and lets you access region-restricted websites. We regularly see ExpressVPN deals floating around.

This secure VPN will keep your real IP address hidden at all times, so your internet service provider (ISP) won’t know you’re accessing region-locked streaming services. Every member has access to servers in over 90 countries around the world. Plus, this VPN works on a range of different devices including Mac, PC, Android or iOS smartphone.

Our verdict: This is one of our favourite VPNs. The app is really snappy and backed by clearly-labelled menus and toggles.

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Ivacy deals (updated)

    Ivacy deals

    Our list of the best VPN deals wouldn’t be complete without these Ivacy offers. This is one of the most popular cheap VPNs in the world, hosting secure servers (backed by military-grade encryption) all over the world.

    Members also get public wi-fi security that protects your devices against malware if you’re connecting to a hotspot in an open area. Whatever geo-restricted website you’re visiting, Ivacy’s strict no-logs policy means your activity won’t be kept on record. In other words, you can be certain that your private information isn’t getting handed over to your ISP or other companies.

    If you make an account today using one of the deals we’ve listed above, you’ll have access to over 3,000 VPN servers around the world. A single subscription to Ivacy will have you covered on up to 10 different products at once, which is a massive advantage to picking this service.

    Our verdict: This is a popular VPN that we recommend regularly. Wherever you are, you’ll have no trouble unlocking region-locked websites without giving away your actual location.

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    NordVPN deals (updated)

    NordVPN deals

    Here’s another VPN that lets you unlock any region-locked website or streaming platform. NordVPN has servers across the globe and all of them are protected by military-grade encryption. Enhanced encryption technology means you can even stay safe on public wi-fi networks without speeds being affected.

    NordVPN’s servers are super secure and you can connect to any one you like without handing over your personal data. This trusted VPN doesn’t monitor how you’re using it, so privacy is yours around the clock. You can also take a closer look at NordVPN’s CyberSec feature, which blocks suspicious-looking websites and reduces the chance of your device being infected with malware.

    Our verdict: NordVPN is really easy to set up, so take a look at our list of deals to find the package that suits you. Even if it’s your first time using a VPN, you’ll likely be up and running in just a couple of minutes.

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    Atlas VPN deals (updated)

    Atlas VPN deals

    Atlas VPN will act as your shield against online threats and also unlocks region-locked content for you in a couple of steps. It comes with a tracker blocker that battles against ads, suspicious websites and dangerous phishing links.

    Our research shows that Atlas VPN has over 700 servers all over the world. Clicking ‘Connect’ selects the best server for you according to distance, download speed and latency. Then, you can start watching foreign TV from anywhere. Atlas VPN supports unlimited devices and works on both desktop and mobile.

    Our verdict: If you’re travelling, Atlas VPN will easily unlock region-locked websites. Have a look at the pricing options and pick the best deal for your needs.

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    PureVPN deals (updated)

    PureVPN deals

    PureVPN is one of our favourite services to recommend for VPN newbies. It’s simple to use and doesn’t limit bandwidth, plus members have access to optimised servers designed to provide a buffer-free experience.

    When you connect to PureVPN, your data is encrypted and passes securely through a series of tunnels that lead to the company’s servers. That means you’re completely anonymous. You have a 24-hour support team at your disposal, too, so you can reach out at any time if you have a question.

    Our verdict: This tried and trusted VPN hosts thousands of servers from around the world. It’s just what you need to unlock region-locked websites.

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    Are free VPNs any good?

    If you want to download a VPN to unlock a website, a free service can be tempting. However, we suggest that you avoid free services entirely – they’re far more likely to sell your data to make a profit. By paying for a trusted VPN once a month, you’re getting a high-quality service and peace of mind.

    Common questions answered

    Which VPN is the best value in the UK?

    The best VPN for you will vary based on your specific needs and budget. Some of the most popular services we’ve seen include ExpressVPN, Ivacy and NordVPN, all of which offer strong security and privacy features, fast speeds, and reliable connections.

    If you want to keep costs low, our team highly recommends Ivacy as a winner – it’s fantastic value for money, with packages regularly on offer for less than £5 per month.

    How much is a VPN per month in the UK?

    Well, that depends on which VPN you decide to try for yourself today. VPN providers change their prices on a very regular basis – trust us, we’re constantly updating these pages to ensure they’re as useful as they can be.

    VPN nameStarting price (per month)Why do we like it?
    🥇 ExpressVPN£5.61Offers over 150 servers and around-the-clock live chat support
    🥈 Ivacy$1A cheap but secure VPN with public wi-fi security
    🥉 NordVPN£2.99Servers in more than 50 countries and a built-in malware blocker
    Atlas VPN£1.49Effective tracking blocker with a strict no-logs policy
    PureVPN$2.29A trusted VPN that hides your real location at all times
    Table updated October 2023

    Is a VPN worth it in the UK?

    Absolutely. If you’re concerned about protecting your online privacy and security, a VPN will encrypt your internet connection and hide personal data from hackers. Plus, a VPN lets you access restricted region-restricted websites and, helping you avoid online censorship. Before you sign up for a VPN, be sure to research different options and compare pricing and features to find the best deal for your needs.

    Do I need a VPN at home?

    We think that depends on your online habits and the level of privacy you’re looking for. If you have concerns about protecting your personal data and online privacy, using a VPN is a no-brainer.

    To keep your personal information secure, browse the best VPN deals that we’ve listed below:

    1. ExpressVPN – one of our favourite VPNs that regularly goes on sale.
    2. Ivacy – with this VPN, you’ll have no trouble unlocking streaming websites without giving away your true location.
    3. NordVPN – even if it’s your first time using a VPN, you’ll be ready to go in just a couple of minutes.
    4. Atlas VPN – this service allows you to connect to foreign servers and unlocks geo-restricted websites.
    5. PureVPN – a tried and trusted VPN that offers thousands of servers around the world.
    Prices and information correct at time of publication. Please note that we might earn affiliate commission when you select a retailer link. For more details, please review our affiliate policy.