Best water flossers 2023: top powerful flossers for removing plaque

Buying a powerful water flosser can work wonders for your oral health, blasting away grime to leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean. The best water flossers you can buy aren’t super expensive to buy, plus they’re easy to use on a regular basis and quick to charge. Our experts have picked out some of the most popular water flossers for your bathroom cabinet.

Powering through the sales to pick out some proper bargains, our team has spotted top picks from various bathroom brands including Binefia, Pecham and Waterpik. All of the water flossers we’ve picked out in our buyer’s guide are on offer at an affordable price.

Best water flossers to buy for 2023

Hangsun Water Flosser

Hangsun Water Flosser Cordless Oral Irrigator Rechargeable Ultra Dental Water Jet HOC700 for Teeth Braces with Portable USB Charger 300ML Water Tank and 8 Jet Tips for Travel & Home Use
  • 1,600 Pulses Per Minute Maximum – Deeply cleanse between teeth and below the gingival margin, utilizes a combination of water pressure and pulsations cleans deep between teeth and below the gum line where regular flossing can’t reach.

This popular water flosser is made by Hangsun and is highly rated by users over on Amazon. It has a 300ml water tank and comes bundled with four different jet tips so you can easily attack hard-to-reach areas in your mouth. It’s described as a ‘low noise’ water flosser with a powerful pulsation action to ensure it stays affective every time you grab it.

The Hangsun Water Flosser represents solid value for money in our mind, coming in at less than £40 via Amazon. The brand says it pulses around 1,600 times per minute and can be fully charged within four hours.

Binefia Water Flosser

Water Flosser for Teeth Cordless with 5 Modes, Binefia 360° Rotation Oral Irrigator, IPX7 Waterproof, 300ML & 6 Jet Tips Water Pick Teeth Cleaner, USB Rechargeable for 35-Days Use at Home/Travel
  • 【5 Cleaning Modes & Designed for Sensitive Teeth】 – Binefia water flosser comes with 5 different pressure settings (Soft, Gentle, Normal, Strong, Pulse) ,having a lot of options ensures that you can personalize the pressure to your individual mouth. Binefia dental flosser made especially for sensitive teeth, even kids can use it.

This is another effective water flosser that’s well-suited if you’re not keen on spending lots of money. Made by Binefia, it has 5 unique cleaning modes (Soft, Gentle, Normal, Strong, Pulse) and is designed specifically for sensitive teeth and gums. Binefia says that deep cleaning is guaranteed with this popular water flosser, which comes bundled with a couple of different tips to suit your needs.

In terms of battery life, we’re told that the Binefia Water Flosser takes around four hours to charge fully, which isn’t bad at all. There’s a built-in two minute timer and the gadget is packed up in a waterproof bag, ideal if you’re using it while you’re travelling.

Pecham Cordless Water Flosser

Upgraded Cordless Water Flosser for Teeth, PECHAM Portable Oral Irrigator IPX7 Waterproof 300ML DIY & 3 Modes 4 Jet Tips and Tongue Cleaner Help Deep Clean Oral, USB Rechargeable for Home Travel
  • 【Effective Deep Cleaning & Easy to Use】- PECHAM electric water flosser have rotating jet tips, with high pressure water pulse 1400-1800 times/min. This teeth flosser is designed to effectively remove plaque and food debris from between teeth and from in and around braces and dentures, leaves your mouth feeling cleaner and more refreshed than dental floss, tooth brushing and mouthwash put together.

If you’re shopping for a popular water flosser, take a closer look at this top pick from Pecham. It has a 300ml water tank capacity and is capable of pulsing up to 1,800 times per minute. With this water flosser in-hand, you can effectively deal with food that’s buried deep within your teeth and gums. If you’re worried that it’ll provide too much power, you can try the Soft mode and work your way up to stronger settings.

Arriving with a built-in 2,000mAh battery, the Pecham Water Flosser should take around four hours to charge fully. When it’s time to juice it up again, you’ll need to use a USB cable.

Nicwell Water Flossers

Water Flossers for Teeth Cordless – Nicwell Oral Irrigator Dental, DIY Modes Electric Tooth Flosser with 5 Jet Tips, IPX7 Waterproof Water Dental Flosser, USB Recharged Use for Travel
  • DIY Model & 3 Traditional Modes. Normal, soft, pulse and custom mode(levels 1-8) Suit All Different Conditions of Teeth and Gums, compared to other 3 mode dental flosser, which allows you to select the suitable pressure for you. Please choose custom mode when you use dental flosser at the first time

This water flosser made by Nicwell is one of the most popular options we’ve found on Amazon. It has a 200ml water tank, three traditional modes (Normal, Soft, Pulse) and is waterproof thanks to an IPX7 certification. In other words, you’ll be able to wash this water flosser underneath the tap when needed. It has a 360-degree rotating nozzle that aims to clean hard-to-reach places in your mouth.

The Nicwell Water Flosser comes with four replacement nozzles and a tongue cleaner, meaning you can experiment with each option to find out which method works best for you. If you want a cheap but effective water flosser, Nicwell’s product should be on your shortlist.

Waterpik Ultra Professional Water Flosser

Waterpik Ultra Professional Water Flosser with 7 Tips and Advanced Pressure Control System with 10 Settings, Dental Plaque Removal Tool, Black (WP-662UK) (2pin UK Bathroom Plug)
  • Cleaner teeth – efficient water flosser that is 50% more effective than traditional dental floss and leaves your mouth feeling incredibly fresh and clean

This water flosser from Waterpik has a massive 650ml water tank, so you definitely won’t be refilling it at the tap too often. It’s designed to keep your teeth in great condition and, according to Waterpik, is ‘50% more effective than traditional dental floss.’ This water flosser is suitable even if you have braces, implants or crowns, making it delightfully versatile.

So what do you get in the bundle? In total, you’ll see 7 different flosser tips. On top of that, you get to try 10 different pressure settings to see which one suits you perfectly.

Skeufy Water Flosser

Skeufy Dental Water Flossers for Teeth Cordless, Powerful with 6 Jet Tips, Rechargeable Oral Irrigator, IPX7 Waterproof with 5 Modes, Portable 350ML Water Tank for Travel & Home Use
  • 🦷【Latest Pulse Technique & Deep Cleaning】With upgraded unique pulsation technique, Skeufy water flosser can offer 2200-3000 times/min high-pressure water pulse, efficiently removing 99.99% plaque and food residue thoroughly deep between teeth or gumline in every corner where traditional brushing can not reach, keeps your breath fresh and improves your gum health.

You’re looking at a particularly popular water flosser that has a claimed water capacity of around 350ml. This Skeufy model is said to pulse up to 3,300 times per minute, using a high-pressure water jet that blasts away the most stubborn of foods trapped between your teeth. There are 5 cleaning modes in total, meaning this model is suitable for both children and adults as you can adjust the force.

The Skeufy Water Flosser is IPX7-rated and can hold enough water for up to 90 seconds of cleaning. The product is equipped with a 360-degree rotating nozzle and includes a 1,800mAh battery, which takes around 5 hours to charge and lasts ’14-28 days’ between charges.

Buying a water flosser: which features are important?

Water tank capacity

When you’re shopping for the best water flosser for you, make a note of the claimed water tank capacity. The higher than number, the less often you’ll need to refill the water flosser. Most popular water flossers have a capacity of around 300ml of water.

Cleaning modes

The most popular water flossers we’ve seen have a variety of different cleaning modes for you to try out. Some of them, for example, have a ‘soft’ mode designed for users with sensitive teeth and gums.

Charge time

Take a look at how long it takes the water flosser to charge, and how long you’ll be able to use it before you need to plug it in again. If you’re going travelling and won’t have access to a plug socket, it’s better to be prepared and know how much use you’ll get from your water flosser.

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Do dentists recommend water flossers?

There are plenty of dentists that recommend water flossers as a tool for removing plaque and debris from between teeth and along your gumline. In fact, water flossers can prove especially helpful for those with braces, dental implants, or other types of dental work that make it difficult to use traditional string floss.

Is a water flosser as effective as floss?

While a water flosser can be effective in removing plaque and debris, it is not necessarily as effective as traditional string floss for reaching tight spaces between teeth. However, for people who find string floss difficult or uncomfortable to use, a water flosser can be a good alternative.

Is water flosser better than string floss?

There is no definitive answer to whether a water flosser is better than string floss, as it ultimately depends on the individual’s preferences and needs. Some people may prefer the convenience and ease of use of a water flosser, while others may prefer the thoroughness of string floss.

How often should you use a water flosser?

Most health professionals suggest using a water flosser once a day, alongside your regular brushes and flossing sessions. However, how often you use your water flosser might vary depending on your specific needs and preferences. Check in with a dentist or dental hygienist to see what’ll work best for you.

How much is a water flosser?

If you’re on the hunt for a brand new water flosser, expect to spend around £20-40 on a decent model. For that price, you can get something with a good water capacity that’ll stand the test of time.

Where to buy a water flosser

Retailer nameWhat does it offer?
AmazonPlenty of popular water flossers from well-known brands including Oral-B, Panasonic and Waterpik.
BootsSells water flossers from big-name brands such as Panasonic and Waterpik.
CurrysThis retailer stocks water flossers made by Philips and Waterpik.
Robert DyasTake a look through this retailer’s selection of Panasonic water flossers.
The RangeStocks a selection of water flossers that cost less than £40.