Cheap head torches 2023: top picks for hiking and running

If you’re a keen hiker or like the idea of going on an evening jog without having to take your mobile, investing in a head torch could be a brilliant idea. The best head torches we’ve seen are brilliantly durable and last for hours at a time between charges. Explore our guide on the best cheap head torches.

Admittedly, shopping for head torches isn’t the most exciting thing in the world. To save you a fair amount of time and a chunk of money, we’ve rounded up some cheap head torches under £30. Have a look through our list and then head over to Amazon to grab them – we’ve taken a closer look at popular head torch brands including Bluklar, Victoper and Xndryan.

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Head torches: quick buying guide

Don’t have time to browse through our full selection of cheap head torches? In that case, use our exclusive links to shop with Amazon, eBay, Robert Dyas and The Range – you’ll spot plenty of options at a range of price points. Before buying, check the retailer’s returns policy.

Buying a head torch: which features are important?


A good head torch will survive bumps and scrapes if you drop it while you’re hiking or running. When shopping for a cheap head torch, pay close attention to what the product is made from, and what previous customers have to say about its durability.


Assuming you’re buying a head torch for outdoor sports and adventures, you want a model that isn’t going to weigh you down when you wear it for hours at a time. Take a look at what the manufacturer’s claims are related to weight so you can get a sense of how bulky the product is before you buy.

Battery life

Arguably one of the most important factors related to head torches – because what good is a head torch that leaves you in the dark after a short amount of time? Again, make a note of the manufacturer’s claims and, if you can, see if those claims match reviews from customers who have tried it for themselves.

If you enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, we suggest you check in with our guide on the best cheap gardening gloves under £20.

What head torch is best for hiking?

For hiking, the best cheap head torch will be one that has impressive battery life and a strong beam – in other words, the more lumens, the better. For every head torch that you’re considering, consult the brand’s product page to see the ‘Luminous Flux’ spec – we’ve included this information in our roundup below.

What head torch is best for running?

A head torch fit for running needs to be lightweight, so consider the weight when adding head torches to your shortlist. For every head torch we’ve listed below, we’ve noted the weight so you can compare each model at a glance.

How much does a head torch cost?

Head torches aren’t particularly expensive. In fact, our pricing research shows you’ll have no trouble tracking down a head torch that costs less than £30. If you have more money to play around with, you can opt for a model that has improved battery life and a brighter beam.

Where to buy a head torch

Popular online retailers that sell head torches include:

  • Amazon – You’ll have no trouble finding a decent head torch on Amazon. Popular listed brands include Energizer, Petzl and Victoper. When buying a cheap head torch on Amazon, make sure you check the retailer’s customer satisfaction rating. Expect to spend £10-30.
  • eBay – has thousands of cheap head torches fighting for your attention. If you’re a buyer on a budget, you can find plenty of options for £30 or less.
  • Robert Dyas – sells a couple of head torches, the cheapest of which is the Lighthouse Elite Focus Headlight.
  • The Range – has a small selection of head torches, with prices starting at around £7 for the Stormforce Flood And Beam head torch.

The best head torches under £30

Victoper Head Torch (£12.95)

Victoper Head Torch
  • Claimed battery life: 7 to 8 hours
  • Claimed weight: 300g
  • Luminous Flux: 6,000 Lumen

This budget-priced head torch is powered by five individual bulbs and is supported by a 5,000mAh battery. According to the brand, you can charge that battery is around 4 to 5 hours, providing 7 to 8 hours of usage time. If you’re shopping for a cheap head torch to accompany you on a hike or run, this could be a decent option.

The Victoper Head Torch has a total of six different working modes, so you can adjust which bulbs are illuminated depending on what you’re using the product for. It’s also rocking an adjustable strap to ensure a comfy fit for adults and children.

Click here to buy the Victoper Head Torch, or shop deals on eBay.

Lighting Ever Head Torch (£12.99)

Lighting Ever Head Torch
  • Claimed battery life: 30 hours
  • Claimed weight: 68g
  • Luminous Flux: 150 Lumen

Another cheap head torch worth considering if you’re leaving the house in low light. This model is USB rechargeable and comes bundled with a battery. It’s lightweight and adjustable, weighing in at just 68g, and is IPX4-rated – that means it’ll survive a splash of water.

The Lighting Ever Head Torch has five total light modes, including full brightness, half brightness and a flashing effect for drawing attention to yourself. The angle of the beam can be adjusted.

Click here to buy the Lighting Ever Head Torch, or shop deals on eBay.

Xndryan Head Torch (£5.99)

Xndryan Head Torch
  • Claimed weight: 60g

This sub-£10 head torch is ideal for running, cycling, camping, fishing or even repairing your car in the evening. It’s designed to be lightweight and comfortable and has a soft, adjustable strap. The torch is battery operated, running off a trio of AAA batteries (which aren’t included with your purchase).

The Xndryan Head Torch has a 60-degree adjustable headlamp and three lighting modes: High beam, low beam and flashing.

Click here to buy the Xndryan Head Torch, or shop deals on eBay.

Blukar Head Torch (£9.99)

Blukar Head Torch
  • Claimed weight: 81g

Blukar is another popular seller on Amazon that specialises in offering cheap head torches. This model is under £10 and is USB rechargeable. It has a built-in, 1,200mAh battery and a total of 8 different lighting models – the list includes XPG White, COB Red Flash and COB White.

In terms of other notable features, you get a 45-degree adjustable headlamp base and a flexible, breathable headband to keep things feeling comfy for hours at a time.

Click here to buy the Blukar Head Torch, or shop deals on eBay.

HeroBeam Ultimate Head Torch (currently unavailable)

HeroBeam Ultimate Head Torch
  • Claimed battery life: Up to 30 hours
  • Claimed weight: 78g
  • Luminous Flux: 168 Lumen

Last but not least on our list of cheap head torches is the HeroBeam Ultimate Head Torch. It has a range of beam intensity levels and an SOS mode for drawing attention in case of an emergency. According tot he manufacturer, the 168 Lumen beam can shine up to 360ft (110m) in the distance, which isn’t bad at all.

In the convenient hands-free mode, you can swipe the front of the lens to activate the head torch. The 1,200 mAh internal battery provides ‘up to 30 hours of use’ between 4-hour charges.

Click here to buy the HeroBeam Ultimate Head Torch, or shop deals on eBay.

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