Kayo Sports not working with VPN? Fix it in 5 steps (2023 guide)

The Kayo Sports website is locked in certain countries, so you can’t access it if you’ve ventured outside Australia. We’ve found that you can access the service with a reliable VPN. But if you already have a VPN and it’s not working, what’s the problem? Our guide explains what to do if your VPN isn’t working with Kayo Sports.

If your current VPN isn’t working with the website, there’s a high chance that Kayo Sports has blacklisted the VPN server you’re trying to connect with. That means you won’t be able to use your account until you’re back in Australia. Our guide runs through troubleshooting tips.

At a glance: VPNs that work with Kayo Sports

Kayo Sports is only available in certain countries, including Australia. Bad VPNs might not work with Kayo Sports because they fail to hide your location if you’re outside a supported country. But the VPNs we talk about below are recommended for those who want to use the service anywhere.

Note: the Kayo Sports VPNs below offer a 30-day, money-back guarantee.

Why is Kayo Sports not working with my VPN?

If Kayo Sports discovers that you’re trying to access it from a restricted region, your connection will be blocked.

So let’s say that your current VPN isn’t working with Kayo Sports. Most likely, that’s because it’s not doing a very good job of spoofing your location. Some or all of the VPN servers you have available to you through that service may be blacklisted. If you swap over to a better VPN, you’ll have no troubles at all.

How does Kayo Sports detect my VPN?

Below-average VPNs don’t do a very good job of hiding your real location, which means Kayo Sports will stop you from streaming through its website. When the Kayo Sports website sniffs out a VPN, it’ll blacklist the temporary IP address provided by your VPN so you can’t continue to use it. The worst VPNs do a very poor job of replacing their blacklisted servers.

Have a browse through our recommended VPNs below and enjoy a superior alternative.

Kayo Sports fixes

1. Update your VPN

If your VPN doesn’t work with Kayo Sports, make sure it’s up-to-date as the developers might have identified an issue and patched it.

On a PC, open your VPN and then Settings or Options. Some VPNs will display a message on the start screen telling you about updates. ExpressVPN, for example, shows this:

Make sure your VPN is up-to-date before loading up Kayo Sports

Clicking Update will usually take you to the VPN provider’s website, where you can learn more about what’s new.

If you’re using an Android gadget, open the Google Play store, tap your user profile in the top-right corner of the screen and then Manage apps and device. Choose Update.

On an iPhone, open the Apple App Store and tap your user profile in the top-right corner of the screen.

2. Use a different VPN server to connect to Kayo Sports

VPN servers can sometimes become temporarily unavailable or slower than usual. This will affect your Kayo Sports profile.

The best VPNs offer a couple of servers per country. For example, ExpressVPN hosts a ‘UK – Docklands’ server as well as alternatives in East London, London and the Midlands. Cycle between them and see which one works best for you.

Use the 'Current location' button on ExpressVPN to change the server used with Kayo Sports

Disconnect from the current server that you’re using.

Precise steps will vary depending on your VPN, but ExpressVPN users can select the three dots icon to see a list of alternative servers in the same country. You can also favourite the server (use the Star icon) that works best for you.

3. Contact your VPN support team

Our recommended VPN providers all manage support teams that can deal with specific problems you’re dealing with.

From a computer, head to your VPN provider’s website and find the Support or Contact us pages. Some VPNs offer a live chat service for members. To message VPN providers about Kayo Sports, see here: ExpressVPN | Ivacy | NordVPN | Atlas VPN | PureVPN

ExpressVPN has a live chat service that you can contact if you have problems with Kayo Sports

4. Reset your VPN

Resetting often works with computer issues and we’ve found that the same goes with VPNs. Whether you’re on a PC, smartphone or tablet, restart your device and open your VPN again.

If that doesn’t work, delete and reinstall your VPN. Load up your VPN and Kayo Sports and see if performance has improved.

5. Check your connection

The problem might be with your own internet connection rather than your VPN. Disconnect from your wi-fi network and then reconnect. Try and run your VPN once again. You can also go a step further and restart your internet router.

Speeds of 5-10Mbps should be enough, but you might prefer over 20Mbps if you’re streaming or gaming.

Run an internet speed test to see if a poor connection is affecting Kayo Sports

Run a free download speed tool (Ookla, for example) and compare the results alongside your ISP’s ‘minimum guaranteed speed’ promise. Contact your ISP if your connection is unstable outside of VPN use.

More Kayo Sports fixes:

Have you cleared cache and cookies from your internet browser? On Google Chrome, go to Settings > Privacy and security > Clear browsing data. On Safari, go to Settings > Privacy > Manage Website Data.

Have you entered your VPN username and password correctly? Double-check your login credentials. If you can’t remember your details, choose the ‘Forgot’ option on your VPN provider’s website so you get a reset link sent to your inbox.

Are the VPN servers active? If you can’t connect to a server, your provider might be experiencing an outage. The best providers are transparent about this and actively update their server status online. Check the server status of our recommended providers here: ExpressVPN | Ivacy | NordVPN | Atlas VPN | PureVPN

Is your firewall blocking your VPN or Kayo Sports?

If you’re experiencing issues on desktop, make sure your VPN is mentioned in the ‘Allow’ list. On Windows, head to open Windows Security > Allow an app through the firewall. On Mac, try System Settings > Network > Firewall.

Update Windows Firewall settings to use Kayo Sports with a VPN

Does your web browser need updating?

Your current browser might be incompatible with your browser-based VPN. Assuming you’ve updated your VPN, make sure you update your browser as well. On Chrome, you would go to Settings > About Chrome.

Are you overworking your VPN?

If you’re streaming and gaming at the same time, your VPN might struggle to keep up. We suggest you close a couple of apps to test if doing so has a noticeable impact.

➡️ Download our free VPN troubleshooting tips poster ⬅️

Free VPNs for Kayo Sports

If you’re trying to save yourself some money, free VPNs can be a real temptation. But our advice is to steer clear.

Free VPNs for Kayo Sports might sell your data for money since they do not charge a regular, monthly fee. Connecting to a VPN server might take a long time and your connection could drop without warning.

Top, paid-for VPNs have servers all over the world, letting you access websites and apps. On the other hand, free VPNs often provide coverage for a very limited number of countries.

The best VPNs for Kayo Sports in 2023


Watch La Liga on Kayo Sports from anywhere in the world using ExpressVPN
🌎 Number of servers worldwide160 in 94 countries
📈 Bandwidth allowanceUnlimited
🗣️ 24/7 live chat serviceYes
📱 Number of devices supported at once5

If the VPN you’re using isn’t working 100% of the time, switch to ExpressVPN. We’ll happily recommend this newbie-friendly VPN until the end of time – it’s easy to use, quick and works great if you’re looking to access Kayo Sports from abroad.

ExpressVPN does a super job of replacing blacklisted servers. That means that, even if Kayo Sports temporarily disables incoming connections from ExpressVPN, the VPN will have a replacement server up and running sooner rather than later. To access your account, all you need to do is open up ExpressVPN, connect to an Australia-based server and go from there.

This VPN keeps your real IP address hidden around the clock, so websites won’t know you’re accessing content from abroad. Every ExpressVPN member can benefit from servers in over 90 countries across the globe.

  • Watch Kayo Sports wherever you are using ExpressVPN
  • Replaces blacklisted servers ASAP
  • Works on lots of different devices including Mac, PC, Android or iOS smartphones
Try ExpressVPN with our discount


    Watch F1 on Kayo Sports from anywhere in the world using Ivacy
    🌎 Number of servers worldwide5,700 in 100+ locations
    📈 Bandwidth allowanceUnlimited
    🗣️ 24/7 live chat serviceYes
    📱 Number of devices supported at once10

    Ivacy is worth a look if you want to enjoy Kayo Sports while you’re travelling. This is one of the most popular, affordable VPNs around, thanks in part to its battle against blacklisted servers.

    This trusted VPN can hide your real location so you can use all of Kayo Sports’ features, even if you’ve roamed outside Australia. Use our link below and you can get instant access to over 1,000 VPNs servers across the world. A single Ivacy membership means you can protect up to 10 gadgets at a time.

    • Unlock Kayo Sports in minutes using Ivacy
    • Great for beginners
    • High-speed downloads
    Try Ivacy with our discount


    Watch NBA on Kayo Sports from anywhere in the world using NordVPN
    🌎 Number of servers worldwide5,200+ in 59 countries
    📈 Bandwidth allowanceUnlimited
    🗣️ 24/7 live chat serviceYes
    📱 Number of devices supported at once6

    Here’s another VPN for your shortlist if you want to use Kayo Sports abroad. NordVPN has servers all over the world and all of them are protected by military-grade encryption. That means they’re extremely secure and you can connect without handing over your personal data to companies that shouldn’t own it.

    If Kayo Sports isn’t working with your VPN, you can make use of the live chat feature for a helping hand.

    • Keep yourself and family secure
    • The easy-to-use app is great for newbies
    • Secure your online activites
    Try NordVPN with our discount

    Atlas VPN

    Watch NBA on Kayo Sports from anywhere in the world using Atlas VPN
    🌎 Number of servers worldwide
    📈 Bandwidth allowance
    Does not limit bandwidth per user
    🗣️ 24/7 live chat service
    📱 Number of devices supported at once

    Atlas VPN will act as a shield against online threats while at the same time unlocking geo-restricted content for you. It’s a good pick for buyers on a budget and comes with a built-in tracker blocker that stops ads, suspicious websites and phishing links in their tracks. It’s a solid choice if you want to watch Kayo Sports anywhere in the world.

    Other handy Atlas VPN features include a shielded connection that leaves ‘no room for unsecured data exchanges’, plus a data breach monitor that lets you know if your personal details have been exposed online. This awesome service also has a no-logs policy (your activities aren’t tracked) and a network kill switch that halts the service if your connection becomes unstable.

    Atlas VPN currently offers access to over 750 servers around the world. Clicking the ‘Connect’ button will automatically pick the ideal server for you according to your distance, download speed and latency. Then, you can start watching Kayo Sports wherever you are in the world. It’s also worth noting that Atlas VPN supports unlimited devices and works on both desktop and mobile.

    Try Atlas VPN with our discount


    Watch UCI on Kayo Sports from anywhere in the world using PureVPN
    🌎 Number of servers worldwide6,500+ in over 78 countries
    📈 Bandwidth allowanceDoes not limit bandwidth per user
    🗣️ 24/7 live chat serviceYes
    📱 Number of devices supported at once10

    If Kayo Sports isn’t working with your VPN, try this. PureVPN is powerful enough to unlock geo-locked websites so you can enjoy them without a hassle. You’ll be able to log in to your Kayo Sports account even if you’re in a country where it doesn’t usually work.

    • Access VPN servers all over the world to connect to Kayo Sports
    • Unlock Kayo Sports with ease
    • Keep your real location hidden at all times
    Try PureVPN with our discount

    How to use Kayo Sports with a VPN

    1. Pick one of our suggested VPNs – we’ll use ExpressVPN for this example.
    2. Once you’ve created your ExpressVPN account, sign in.
    3. From your device, download and open the ExpressVPN app and select a server based in Australia.
    4. Once you’re connected, load up Kayo Sports.
    5. Log in to your Kayo account and enjoy.
    Use a VPN to watch Kayo Sports

    FAQs: Streaming with Kayo Sports

    Can I watch Kayo abroad?

    A page on the Kayo Sports website confirms that the service is only available in Australia. It says: “Due to rights and licensing agreements, you are required to be in Australia to access Kayo.”

    In other words, you’re stuck if you want to watch Kayo Sports abroad and you don’t have a VPN.

    Can I watch Kayo Sports on TV?

    To enjoy Kayo Sports on a bigger screen, you’ll need to download the Kayo app on your smart TV. Note that not all TVs will support the software.

    With the app installed, log in with your usual username and password.

    How much does Kayo Sports cost?

    Here’s an overview of Kayo Sports prices at the time of writing:

    Monthly price$25$30$35
    Number of compatible devices you can stream on at once123
    HD contentYesYesYes
    No lock-in contractYesYesYes
    Prices and information correct at time of publication. Please note that we might earn affiliate commission when you select a retailer link. For more details, please review our affiliate policy.

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